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The most wonderful time of year!

The festive season is my absolute favourite time of year, each and every city I visit is always sparkling with Christmas cheer! London definitely does go that extra mile though and I always love finding out just how differently they’ve decorated the entire city each year.

You know the festive season has well and truly begun as soon as the ice rinks start popping up around the city. My favourite this year is the Swarovski rink at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. We arrived bright and early for the very first session and were pleasantly surprised that we were the only ones skating for a while. We had the entire rink to ourselves!


Eddy and I had a blast skating along to the old school tunes and neither of us took a tumble this time but there were a few close calls! Most rinks usually have their own professional photographer also skating around taking snaps which are available for purchase at the end of your skating session. This rink differed as they had a camera on a tripod set up with a timer. This way you could skate up to it whenever you pleased take a snap and continue along with your session! If you watched my snapchat of the day you would have noticed Eddy and I took about 1 million pics, we couldn’t get enough of it!


Once we had finished our skate we hopped on over to the Swarovski booth to choose which pics we would like to purchase. I knew I would have a hard time selecting because we took so many. Much to our surprise the lady told us that they were actually free!!! We couldn’t believe our luck! So we went on a printing spree and went home with about 50 prints which were also available on their website to download as a digital copy. I was extremely impressed at their generosity! The Swarovski rink is actually open until the 8th of January so you still have some time to experience the magic it brings!


I noticed that if you shared any of the pics taken on the day of your skate either on FB or Twitter and used the special Swarovski hashtag that you would be entered into the daily competition to win a Swarovski prize. I happily posted one of my fav pics of Eddy and I to my Twitter account and we were so excited to be awarded the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Christmas ornament. It is absolutely stunning and we will definitely be hanging it on our tree in the many more years to come. I love it!


As the rink is just beside the Natural History Museum you just can’t pass up the chance to also take a peek inside! I have previously visited and spent and entire day wandering the halls looking at all the incredible exhibits. My favourite area is actually the entrance – the grand Hintze Hall. Take the lift up to the higher levels (as the stairs are blocked off for renovation at the moment) to marvel at the amazing architecture. Entry is also free to the museum, so you have no excuse not to check it out!


Hyde Park is just a short walk away so if you time it right you may just be lucky enough to visit when all the leaves are changing colour. It really is a spectacular sight! Only a short walk away is the annual Christmas Festive Market – Winter Wonderland. It brings me back to my childhood days, there are so many rides, cute little German style markets, delicious food and attractions like the Ice Kingdom where you feel like you have stepped right into the movie Frozen! I absolutely adore the atmosphere and it’s a place you can enjoy with a romantic date with your loved one, a group of friends or even bring along your parents or kids for a family day out. It really is perfect for everyone!


London really does bring out all the stops for Christmas and it honestly is one of my favourite places in the world during this period. I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas at home this year in Sydney with my parents, Eddy spent his Christmas with his family back home in Liverpool. Next year we have decided instead of being apart we’re going to both spend Christmas in the UK and the following year both  of us will spend Christmas in Australia. That way we won’t be apart and Eddy will finally experience his first warm Christmas spent on the beach instead of sitting in front of the fire!


I hope wherever you are that you have had a magical Christmas surrounded my family and friends. I just wanted to thank you for following my blog and here’s to 2017 and the many more adventures it will bring!

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