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Dinner in the Sky!

Hello everybody and happy 2017!! I cannot believe how fast 2016 went by. It literally in my case flew by! I spent New Years Eve at 40,000ft flying back from London and arriving bright and early back in Dubai on New Years Day.

The weather in Dubai is absolutely perfect right now. Winter is definitely the time to visit because the temperature hardly tops 28 degrees celsius and sometimes I even need to pop on a cardigan as it gets a bit chilly at night.

I wanted to start off the New Year by doing something exciting and decided to surprise Eddy with a concept that I had never heard of before – Dinner in the Sky. Luckily neither of us are afraid of heights, so the surprise was a pleasant one for him. We were both so excited to experience sky-dining!


After arriving at the Dubai International Marine Club to enjoy a few welcome drinks you are taken on a short bus ride to the dining site. The red carpet is rolled out and there it is – the grand dining table attached to a crane ready to lift off to a height of 50m!!


You are strapped in securely so no need to worry about slipping out of your seat and given a safety briefing. As the table ascends it is surprisingly relaxing, Eddy didn’t even realise we had been lifted off the ground at first!

Once you have reached a height of 164 feet it’s time for the meal to begin. The session lasts for approximately 55 minutes so there is plenty of time to enjoy the meal and to take lots of snaps!

I think the best seat in the house is definitely the corner seat where you have unobstructed views. Seating is on a first come first serve basis, so set your sights for that corner position like I did!


The 22 seats can actually turn and you can recline them completely back – it’s not for the faint of heart though! The entire table rotates 360 degrees during the 55 minute session so you have the opportunity to get amazing photographs from every angle possible.


JC was kindly looking after us in our section of the table and was also our fabulous resident photographer. A Ritz Carlton chef was preparing and cooking all the meals for us so we knew we could expect only the best cuisine! There is actually a small portable stove up there where we watched him cook all of our main meals.

While you’re suspended in the air you are treated to a delicious 3 course tasting menu consisting of:

  • A bocconcini salad appetiser with the most amazing basil cream I have ever tasted. I need that recipe in my life!! Keep an eye out for the surprise when the salad is served, it’s pretty magical!


  • Prior to arriving you are asked to select which main course you would like to enjoy. The options available to choose from are chicken, beef, fish or a vegetarian option. I opted for the fish and was presented with a delicious sea bass accompanied with crushed potato, vegetable and rosemary jus. Eddy decided on the equally delicious corn fed chicken.
  • Our final and my favourite course was dessert where we were served with an exquisite chocolate cake, paired with raspberries and an amazing vanilla mascarpone cream. It looked almost too good to eat!


Coffee and tea are also available (don’t get the shakes and drop your tea cup!) I decided on a green tea and Eddy enjoyed a classic english breakfast tea. It was incredibly peaceful up there watching all the boats go by and the skydivers landing gracefully in the distance, I could have stayed all day! You also have the opportunity from that height to take a peek into all the luxury super yachts from all over the world that are docked in Dubai at the moment. We even spotted one with an onboard helipad!!


Fresh orange and lime juice are also available and come in the cutest little bottles. Cheers!


Tip: for those of you trying to find the Dubai International Marine Club it’s right next to Barasti. Don’t make the mistake of going to the Yacht Club like our taxi driver did.

Dinner in the Sky does offer breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner sessions as well. I do have quite the penchant for Afternoon Tea so I think I will be returning in the not too distant future for round 2! So for stellar views of Dubai and a unique fun-filled experience to enjoy with family and friends I would highly recommend a trip to Dinner in the Sky. Definitely head on over to their website and have a look at their packages, because it really is a meal you won’t easily forget! 

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