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The Ring Reveal!

It is finally here, my long overdue proposal and ring reveal post. With the move to Australia and the start of my new career at Singapore Airlines, I honestly just didn’t have the time to put it together. Now that Eddy and I have also purchased our wedding bands, I am finally show you the entire set!

So let me take you back to this time last year – 31.08.2018. Eddy and I had packed up all of our belongings and were getting ready to make the big move to Sydney. I wanted some photos to commemorate our time in Dubai as we had lived there for 6 years at that point. Little did I know that Eddy had a plan up his sleeve. One of our besties in Dubai – Mike, is a photographer who I have had a few shoots with, so I didn’t suspect a thing when Eddy suggested Mike should take the shots. Mike told me he wanted to add some couple shots to his portfolio and can you believe I set up a GoPro to capture the whole shoot, thinking I was doing Mike a favour so he could show prospective clients how he worked. I set the bloody camera up for my own proposal – looking back now I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming!! The test shots are below, there I am completely clueless about what is about to happen.

ProposeWe arrived at Jumeirah Al Nassem just before sunset. We were incredibly lucky with the weather because it had been extremely smoggy and dusty with sand in the days leading up to the proposal. To my surprise and Eddy’s relief – the sky couldn’t have been clearer! We took the golf buggy from the hotel to Pier Chic where we planned to get the shots with the Burj Al Arab in the background. Mike asked if I would like some single shots facing the Burj Al Arab – this was Eddys moment. He raced to Mikes bag and found the ring and got into position just before I turned around!!

Propose 1

A lot of hysterical tears later of course I said YES!!

I have always said to my girlfriends that I would know when Eddy was about to propose. He would either be acting really strange or nervous or I would find the ring in the house somewhere. To my surprise I honestly did not see the proposal coming. In the taxi to the hotel and even the buggy ride to Pier Chic, Eddy was completely relaxed. I even have some Snapchat videos of the ride over and we look back at them at laugh. He was acting so calm, cool and collected but inside he was FREAKING OUT. The key to his success was he never actually ever had the ring on him. Mike picked it up from the jeweller before arriving for the photoshoot which is why I never stumbled across it in the house!! Eddy really did pull of the proposal perfectly, I did not suspect a thing! He got me good and it will be a memory I treasure forever!

Propose 2

The ring went through a lot of phases before Eddy settled on a brilliant cut with a platinum band. It was great to see all the sketches that Eddy saved made by our jeweller Sanjay. The ring started off as a brilliant cut diamond on an 18K gold plain band. Eddy thought maybe I would prefer a rose gold band as I had a lot of rose gold jewellery at the time but his mum advised platinum would be the best option – it would make the diamond shine even brighter. So Eddy decided that it would be a brilliant cut diamond on a plain platinum band. When Eddy showed his family back in the UK they thought something was missing so the additional side diamonds were added and now it was PERFECT!

We have been visiting Glamour Jewellers for years so I am so glad that my engagement ring was also created there. They made a replacement replica of the diamond ring I lost in London while throwing leaves in Hyde Park – I was so angry at myself that day hahah. They also made my custom pearl and diamond ring stud earrings which Eddy gifted to me on our Anniversary. Eddy and Mike below with Sanjay on their final trip before the proposal!

Propose 3

A couple of weeks before the proposal I did notice that Eddy didn’t seem to be sleeping very well. His sleep would always be interrupted which I thought was quite strange at the time but I just put it down to jet lag. Turns out – a week before the proposal I happened to spot a sapphire ring on Instagram and told Eddy that I didn’t want a diamond ring anymore and would prefer a sapphire engagement ring. It was just a passing comment of mine and I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. Little did I know that Eddy had spent weeks and weeks changing the design of my ring and had just paid for it in full. He just had about a heart attack when I said I didn’t want a diamond ring anymore. To be honest I had even forgotten I told him that and much prefer a diamond engagement ring!

So a day after the proposal, we revisited the jewellers to get my ring resized and Eddy picked me up this beautiful diamond and sapphire ring which I now wear on my right hand. It compliments my engagement ring perfectly!


On our most recent trip to Dubai, Eddy and I revisited Glamour Jewellers and decided to purchase our wedding bands. Sanjay helped us with the design again as I wanted more circular diamonds. I was an extremely lucky girl and Eddy also decided he would purchase my matching Eternity ring as well!


Now that we have the complete set, I needed somewhere to house them before the big day. I came across Amonié ring boxes on Instagram and instantly fell in LOVE. Amonié meaning a petite trinket box for jewels hand make each ring box with the finest velvet and ribbon. I opted for the double ring box in navy which now can also act as my ‘something blue’ on our big day!

Amonié also have a range of gorgeous leather ring boxes in differing shades and personalisation is available. The ring boxes come in double and single slots and they even have a variety of earring boxes too!


So for all you Brides to be out there have a look at the Amonié website and Instagram so you can house your new treasures in a ring box that is not only beautiful but also ethereal and timeless.

Now back to the wedding planning I go – I have my reception dress and I think I have finally settled on the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Time in lock in the venue and send out the save the dates and I think I am half way there!

Amonié Ring Boxes
Amonié Website
Instagram: @amonieringboxes



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