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Dining sky high – the Burj Khalifa!

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea – Henry James


I am obsessed, yes utterly obsessed with Afternoon Tea. Having enjoyed my fair share over the years from Paris, Sydney, London, Durban to New York I thought it was about time that I finally visited the highest Afternoon Tea in the world located right here in Dubai.

With one of my besties Michelle in town it was the perfect opportunity to visit At.Mosphere the world’s tallest restaurant, located in the Burj Khalifa.


The journey to the restaurant is an adventure in itself. Located on the 123rd floor your ears certainly do pop on the way to the top! When making the reservation you can opt to select a window view table which we chose on this occasion. It does cost a little bit extra but the views are definitely worth it. To start we enjoyed some homemade iced tea served alongside a magical and light berries and cream delight.


Our beautiful Afternoon Tea stand was then presented to us accompanied with some delicious madeleines which are a French butter cake that almost rivalled those served in The Ritz in Paris. I was pretty impressed!

We enjoyed the homemade English scones served with all the traditional accompaniments and savoury delicacies before demolishing all of the sweet treats! All of these items were again offered to us once we finished which was a nice touch. We certainly weren’t going to be leaving hungry from this tea! 

Unlimited beverages either hot or cold are also available throughout the afternoon tea. We decided for cold drinks on the day as we visited on a particular hot summer’s day. Their tea selection however is quite extensive and shouldn’t be overlooked.


One thing that  does really set this Afternoon Tea apart is the availability of selecting a main course. Choose between either the roast of the day or catch of the day, both which are beautifully presented. Now you can never complain of not being quite full enough from an afternoon tea!


My favourite part of the whole experience was when we were presented with this delectable dessert. A chocolate chocolate filled treasure chest of delights! It was the perfect surprise sweet ending to our Afternoon Tea.

Don’t forget to take a trip to the bathrooms not only for some selfies but for this incredible view of the dancing fountains down below!! So beautiful to see all the way from up here.


So if you ever do find yourself in Dubai head sky high to At.Mosphere. Skip the line for the Burj Khalifa observation deck and experience those sweeping views of Dubai while enjoying tea with a friend instead – the perfect alternative to visiting the tallest building in the world! 1

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  1. Your feedback is really beneficial. The Dubai Omniyat’s drone display is something you should see. The experience has been fantastic. Have you made an attempt to view it?


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