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The Emirates Game Changer

I recently had the amazing opportunity to visit the brand new Emirates Boeing 777-300ER that was launched at the 2017 Dubai Air Show. If you didn’t catch my complete tour over on Instagram stories I have outlined all the new features here and included all the snaps took!

First Class: Let me begin with all the new game changing features in First Class.

This is the Ghaf tree – the national tree of the UAE. The Ghaf tree is a running motif throughout the entire aircraft and is an amazing feature piece that you see upon boarding First Class.


Throughout various stages of the flight this tree motif lights up and spectacularly changes colour – which is your favourite? Wood grain finishes, bronze wave panels and a wood finished floor are also some amazing new additions to be seen in First Class.


Changing the game in First Class travel there are six fully enclosed Private Suites that have floor to ceiling doors – a first in First Class! With designs inspired by Mercedes Benz these suites set a new standard in the aviation industry.

With a revolutionary 40 square feet of privacy in each suite, luxury and comfort is assured. There is also the introduction of the service window which can be lowered and raised from either the inside and outside of the suite if the doors are closed.

New smart technology that includes climate and lighting control has been introduced into each suite. The colour page is my particular favourite where you can select a specific colour for the suite lights from the wheel below and also adjust the lights intensity. Note that I chose orange shade and all the wall lights behind my seat have turned orange in the images below! I love that you can now personalise and control the ambiance of each suite.


The zero gravity seat position is inspired by NASA and allows for an optimum resting position inflight. It balances your centre of gravity giving an incredible floating, relaxing sensation.

With an upgraded full HD LCD 32 inch tv screen and 13 inch mode controller you can enjoy flight information and entertainment on the Emirates award winning ICE system with over 2,500 channels. Each suite also has a personal mini bar featuring a selection of premium brand beverages and a variety of gourmet snacks.


The introduction of virtual windows are a world first from Emirates. Now every suite here in First Class is a window seat! The middle suites (1E and 2F) now have virtual windows installed which actually display the view from outside as seen by cameras fitted to the aircrafts body. Now you can admire the view from anywhere in First Class!


A whole host of new product features are also available on the new Boeing 777 aircraft. If seated in any of the outboard suites binoculars will be provided to allow you to enjoy the incredible views outside the aircraft. The luxury 300 thread count cotton bedding range includes a duvet, memory foam mattress, extra large sleeping pillow and signature soft Emirates blanket.



Emirates really has outdone themselves here and sets a new standard of luxury at 40,000ft. First Class is well and truly a game changer!


Business Class: Now let’s head into the Cabin where I spend most of my time working.

Introducing the refreshed Business Class Cabin with a new colour palette of soft grey, cream and champagne. I particularly like the new dark wood panelling around the windows.biz3

What does this seat remind you of? Is it a modern day sports car? It certainly feels like one! I adore the leather seats adorned with a diamond stitched pattern that feel ever so sleek.


There is the introduction of a new mosaic ceiling in the Business Class galley and roller blinds. Notice the ghaf tree motif also continues along here in Business.  biz4

Touchscreen controls are available at each seat which has a pitch of 72 inches. The Business class seat also fully reclines into a flat bed for the best nights sleep. Privacy panels, a mini bar and personal lighting options are some of the new additions and a 23 inch tv screen is also available to enjoy the amazing Emirates ICE system.

Economy Class: Last but not least let’s have a look around Economy Class.

The most noticeable change is definitely the colour palette. I am a big fan of all of the soft greys and blues! No two seats are the same as each individual seat has a different seat cover pattern.



The newly ergonomically designed seats come with full leather headrests that you can mould to your preference. They can also be adjusted vertically for optimum support. You will also notice that new larger tray tables are also available in refreshed Economy Class.

The new wood panelling in all lavatories across all cabins is just beautiful. The sink has doubled in size and the lavatory itself feels much larger than ever before! Lavatories in all three cabins also have perfumes and moisturisers available within them.


Hope you all have enjoyed taking a glimpse into the brand new Emirates Boeing 777-300ER! From December 1st, 2017 the two new aircraft will start operating to Brussels (EK183) and Geneva (EK083) Launching June 8, 2018 a daily London Stansted (EK33) service will also be introduced. You can book online www.emirates.com



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